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emnify GraphQL API Preview

Compatibility Notes

The emnify GraphQL API is under active development and is subject to change.

Feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

GraphQL is a query language that enables you to define API call responses to match your use case and technical needs.

The emnify GraphQL API was initially developed internally to improve performance on the Portal. In early 2023, we decided to release a preview version to customers. We hope to collect feedback and continue adding features so that the functionality more closely matches our REST API.


There are no plans to deprecate the REST API. Instead, we plan to support both APIs in parallel.

Try it out with our GraphiQL IDE

To help you explore and experiment with the emnify GraphQL API, we've set up an in-browser GraphiQL IDE. Within this IDE, you can also find interactive documentation and examples.

Learn more about how to use the GraphiQL IDE.