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Send and receive SMS

You can perform the following SMS related operations using the endpoint API.

  1. List sent and received SMS: GET /api/v1/endpoint/{endpoint_id}/sms
  2. Send SMS to an endpoint: POST /api/v1/endpoint/{endpoint_id}/sms
  3. Get details about an endpoint SMS: GET /api/v1/endpoint/{endpoint_id}/sms/{sms_id}
  4. Cancel a buffered SMS: DELETE /api/v1/endpoint/{endpoint_id}/sms/{sms_id}

Example: send SMS to an endpoint


Request body:

"source_address": 12345689,
"payload": "This is the message text"



The source address is the sender number appearing on the receiving device. The payload is the actual text to be sent as SMS.


For more information, see How to send and receive SMS via the API.