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Cellular IoT

Cellular is the most used wireless network technology for connecting things. It is superior to any other wireless technology in terms of network availability and security. Using cellular connectivity improves end customer experience by instantly delivering data at the customer site without any integration. This makes cellular connectivity not only ideal for mobile use cases but also for stationary devices.

emnify specializes in businesses utilizing cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things. emnify has developed a communication platform that aggregates and enriches traditional cellular connectivity so businesses can easily connect, integrate, operate, and secure hundreds or even thousands of devices with a single global IoT SIM card.

Infographic split into four sections that all include text and associated symbols. The first section reads, "Connectivity: One SIM for global deployments. Multi-network access with intelligent operator selection. 2G-5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT." The second reads, "Security: Multi-layered security for your IoT stack (e.g., data encryption, secure remote access, SIM theft protection)." The third reads, "Operations: Complete network visibility and control to improve your operations and troubleshooting." The fourth and final section reads, "Integration & Automation: API and no-code solution to help you automate SIM and connectivity management, saving time and costs." with logos from Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud shown underneath the text. Directly below all of these sections is a banner that reads "emnify Cellular IoT Platform," followed by "540+ Mobile Networks," with logos from AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telia, and more.