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The first page you see in the emnify Portal is the Dashboard. It summarizes your usage during the current billing cycle and provides a log of recent events.


Any changes are reflected in these charts within a few hours.

Usage summary

Current Month Data Volume

  • Uploaded volume
  • Downloaded volume

Data allowance (per billed device)
This is the data allowance based on the coverage area you chose for your coverage policy.


These statistics are only shown if you've assigned data allowances. If you're in a Pay-per-Use model, this section of the Dashboard is empty.

Prepaid Balance
The remaining balance of your prepaid credit.


This section is only shown if you're on emnify's trial.

Current Data/SMS Cost
The running balance of total costs in your currency.

Billed devices (count)

  • SMS (current usage costs in your currency)
  • SMS fee (in your currency)

Device Usage
A chart showing the last four hours of upload/download volumes.

Devices Status

  • Online (count)
  • Disabled (count)
  • Offline (count)


The Dashboard also shows recent events for all your devices in reverse chronological order, which you can download as a CSV file.


For more detailed information about events, see emnify system events.