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Roles and permissions

The emnify Portal is a powerful application to control the connectivity of devices of a production system.

Users across your Workspace may use the Portal, from operations and finance to development and product. That's why emnify offers three levels of access (referred to as Roles) to use and manage Portal features:

  • Administrator (has access to all services and user management)
  • Observer (has access to limited services)
  • User (has access to all services)

To view and edit these roles, go to Workspace settings > Users.

The following tables describe the permissions for different roles.

Device management

Retrieve a device by ID
Update or delete a device by ID
Retrieve the blocked networks for a device
Add or remove networks from the device blocklist by ID
List all devices
Create a new device
Retrieve connectivity information for a device

SIM management

Retrieve SIMs by ID
Update or delete SIMs by ID
List available SIM statuses
List available SIMs

Service profile

Retrieve a list of available countries
Retrieve a list of available currencies
Retrieve single currency details by ID
Retrieve a list of available services
List available traffic limits for a service by ID
Retrieve service profiles
Create service profiles
Retrieve service profiles by ID
Update or delete service profiles by ID
Add or delete services from service profiles
Add or delete traffic limit from a service
Retrieve the ESME interface types

Coverage policy

List of available coverage area statuses
List of available data plan statuses
Retrieve data plan details by ID
Retrieve data plans
Retrieve list of data plan statuses
Create coverage policies
List coverage policies
Retrieve coverage area of a coverage policy
Retrieve country details by ID
List networks
Retrieve my currently active data plan

User management

Create support token to assume permissions of a user by ID
Update or delete users
Retrieve my user role permissions
Update user password
Create or list users
Add or delete role from a user
Delete or list trusted devices for a given user
Create or retrieve an application token
Edit an application token


Retrieve organization or device alerts
Retrieve user events by ID
Retrieve IMSI and SIM events

MFA keys

Generate user shared secret key for MFA
Activate user shared secret key for MFA
List available MFA key statuses
Delete shared secret key for MFA of a user by ID
List your trusted devices
Delete a trusted device from your list by ID
List available MFA key types
Delete my shared secret for MFA