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SIM inventory

The SIM Inventory provides a complete list of your registered SIMs.

SIM states

A SIM can transition through five states during its lifecycle: Issued, Activated, Suspended, Factory Test, and Deleted. These states are sometimes referred to as the SIM status.


For more information about each SIM state, see SIM lifecycle management.

Manage SIMs

The Details view shows all identifiers and properties for an individual SIM, including:

Assigned deviceName of the device that the SIM is attached to, linked to the respective Device Details page.
SIM IDUnique identifier of the SIM (referred to as the sim_id when working with the REST API).
ICCIDIntegrated circuit card identifier including the final Luhn checksum digit.
MSISDNMobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number of the SIM.
IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identity of the SIM.
VendorName of the manufacturer.
MemoryMemory size in kilobytes (KB).
ProducedDate and time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) the SIM was produced, formatted based on your language settings.
ModelDescription of the SIM model (for example, Classic).
SIM TypeDiagram and description of the SIM type, including the quality grade and form factors.

For definitions of any unfamiliar terms or acronyms, see the Glossary.

Additional views

Events and Statistics are additional views that provide logs and aggregated usage, respectively, if the SIM has been assigned to a device and is Active.

Search SIMs

You can search by various attributes, including ICCID, IMSI, and device ID, to name a few.

Order or register SIMs

To expand your SIM inventory, follow the appropriate link at the top of the page:

  • To visit the SIM Shop, select Order SIMs.
  • To register SIMs, either individually or in batches, select Register SIMs.

Step-by-step guides are available for ordering SIMs from the SIM Shop and registering SIMs.