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Order emnify SIMs from the SIM Shop

Here's how you can order SIM cards any time on the emnify Portal.

First time ordering SIM cards on emnify?

If you're new to emnify and interested in testing our services free of charge, see Order free trial SIMs.

  1. Log in to your emnify account.

  2. Navigate to the SIM Inventory and click Order SIMs.

  3. Once you're in the SIM Shop, select your preferred SIM type.

  4. Click Step 2 - Choose Amount to confirm your choice.


    In use cases where devices are mobile, we highly recommend choosing the form factor that fits the device exactly, not multi-cut ones that include a smaller size. The pluggable SIMs are more durable and provide firmer contact with the device than the multi-cut.

    For more information about the various form factors and quality grades, see emnify IoT eSIM.

  5. You'll land on the SIM Order page that shows an overview of your order so far. Here, you can specify the amount of each SIM type you want to receive.


    For larger orders, you can split your order into Batches (for example, collections of 25, 100, or 500 SIMs).

    The benefit of batches is that they can be registered all at once, whereas single SIMs can only be registered individually. To learn more, see Register emnify SIMs.

  6. Enter your Invoice and shipping details, and specify your Shipping option.

  7. Then, choose a way to pay in Payment details:

    • Online payment (that is, card or PayPal) is possible for any order size.
    • Bank transfer is only available when ordering 100 or more SIMs.

    Click Next to confirm your payment option.

  8. Finally, review your order on the Confirmation page.

  9. If everything looks good, click Buy Now.

Assuming there are no errors, you should receive a confirmation, and our team will begin processing your order. 🎉


You'll be notified when the SIM cards will be shipped.