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Get a device online

To establish network connectivity, turn on your device. Then, you need to make two important configuration changes:

  1. Configure the APN so the device can connect to the emnify network.
  2. Enable roaming.

After that, the device registers to a network (no PIN code entry needed). Once it has registered, your device's Connection changes to Attached. SMS and USSD services are now available.

When your device has established a data session, the Connection changes to Online. This means it's ready to send or receive data traffic.


Verify a device's connectivity status in the emnify Portal under Connected Devices.

Configure the APN

Any device equipped with a SIM card requires an Access Point Name (APN) configuration to establish a data session. Some devices and networks auto-detect the APN but for most cases you need to configure it.

APN: em (or alternatively use emnify)

Further, some Android or iOS-based devices and cellular modules also need to be configured to allow for roaming.

Select your device type and model to see how to configure the APN: