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Create a device

After registering SIMs, you need to create a virtual representation of the device associated with the SIM.

Add a device in the emnify Portal

  1. Log in to your emnify account.

  2. Navigate to Connected Devices and click Add device.

  3. Name your device and assign a service policy and coverage policy. Optionally, add tags, indicate the IP address, lock the IMEI, or assign a SIM.


    Assigning a SIM to the device is a necessary step for getting your device online.

  4. Review your device details, then click Create device.

Once created, you're prompted to configure the APN. Skip this step if you didn't assign a SIM to your device.

Create devices with the emnify REST API

You can create one device or multiple devices in bulk using the emnify REST API. For step-by-step instructions, see Create Endpoints in the emnify System Documentation.

Insert the assigned SIM


Skip this step if your device already has an embedded SIM.

Before you can get your device online, insert the SIM that's registered and assigned to the device and turn it on.