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emnify multicloud Data Streamer

Before a device can send data to an application, it must communicate with the mobile network to ensure that it can send the data over that network. This communication happens through signaling events, which are usually hidden from the application.

With the emnify Data Streamer, this connectivity metadata is made available to your cloud platform or self-developed software stacks in near real time. Using one of the many integrations provides you with complete network transparency to triage and resolve issues quickly and build your application or business logic based on the provided information.

These integrations also provide insights for IoT remote monitoring and anomaly detection or detailed information about service usage (that is, data and SMS) and cost per device. You can also configure data streams to reflect events generated by the emnify system when your users perform billing-related updates, order SIMs, or perform other operations.


  • Connectivity metadata integrated into operational dashboards for service teams
  • Faster triaging between the device, connectivity, and application issues
  • Insights about network attach, data, and roaming issues or when a device is over the service limit
  • Overview of service usage and cost per device

Use the Data Streamer

There are two main ways to manage data streams:

More information on these systems and how they compare is available on the Using the Data Streamer page.

emnify has also hosted webinars to demonstrate various Data Streamer use cases. The recordings and associated guides are available in the emnify Knowledge Base at the following links:


These webinars use a legacy version of the emnify Portal.