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emnify system events

The emnify system generates several types of events. These events allow you to track notable system occurrences based on behavior and provide information about lifecycle transitions and configuration changes.


Event history is stored for 30 days.

Use cases

Some common use cases for events on emnify include:

  • Triggers for custom business processes (for example, authentication or custom usage limitations configured on the emnify Portal)
  • Monitoring (for example, SIM or data connection lifecycles)
  • Input for custom billing systems (for example, updating billing configuration or processing invoices)


Each event is represented by an object based on the generic Event Object and its associated properties.

Depending on the event type, some generic properties may not apply, and some events may have additional custom fields to provide information about what happened.

Event type

For an overview of the specific events generated by our platform, see Event types.

Event severity

Events are distinguished by three severity levels:

Severity LevelDescription
ℹ️ InfoExpected behavior of the executed event (for example, a device successfully attaches to a network).
⚠️ WarnProblem or unusual behavior, but doesn't necessarily require immediate action (for example, a credit card expires in 60 days).
🚩 CriticalSerious issue that likely requires additional follow-up (for example, charging for an invoice failed).

Find more information in the API reference.

Event source

Every event is triggered by one of three available event sources:

Event sourceDescription
NetworkThe cellular network your device is connected to (for example, a location is updated or purged).
Policy controlBoth the emnify system and your Workspace can define and enforce policies, quotas, or other limitations
  • The emnify system can block devices that exceed predefined traffic limits.
  • Your Workspace could configure the maximum SMS usage for devices to limit SMS traffic.
APIThe emnify REST API.

Any events triggered in the emnify Portal will show API as the event source, because the Portal is an interface that uses the API under the hood.

Find more information in the API reference.

Working with events

There are three main ways you can access and trigger events:

More information on these systems and how they compare is available on the Work with events page.