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Register emnify SIMs

Once you get your emnify SIMs, the next step is to register them. When you register a new SIM or SIM batch, you can automatically activate the SIM and create connected devices using the default configuration.


If you ordered free trial SIMs, you must register each SIM separately.

Locate the BIC

Individual SIMs

The 16-digit batch identification code (BIC) is on the card's upper right corner and marked as BIC1. It's used to register single SIMs.

SIM batches

The 16-digit BIC is located on the packaging label and marked as BIC2.


For more information about locating your BIC, see I cannot register my SIM cards on the Knowledge Base.

Register SIMs in the emnify Portal

  1. Log in to your emnify account.
  2. Navigate to the SIM Inventory and click Register SIMs.
  3. Select Single-SIM to register individual SIM cards or select SIM Batch for batches.
  4. Enter the BIC1 for individual SIMs or the BIC2 for batches.
  5. After confirming your BIC is correct, select Register SIM Card.

Once the SIM is registered, you can assign it to an existing device or create a new device.


Assigning your SIM to a device is a necessary step for getting your device online. We'd recommended activating the SIM and creating a connected device during registration.

Register SIMs with the emnify REST API

The emnify REST API is an efficient approach, especially when dealing with a large number of devices and registering SIM cards in bulk. For step-by-step instructions, see Register SIMs in the emnify System Documentation.

Create a new device

You can create a new device for the newly registered SIM while still in the SIM registration process.

  1. After your SIM is registered, select Create device.

  2. In Create a new device, name your device and assign a service policy and coverage policy. Optionally, add tags, indicate the IP address, or lock the IMEI.

  3. Choose the device mode. If you plan on using your device right away, select Active. Otherwise, select Disabled.


    Customers with the Plus Package or Pro Package also have the option to select Factory Test. For more information, see Factory test mode.

  4. Review your device details, then click Create device.


    A monthly cost is charged for each connected device.

Once created, your device should be ready to go online if it's configured with the correct APN, data roaming is enabled, and the device status is Enabled or Factory test.