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No-code workflows

Zapier is a service that allows you to connect more than 4000 applications—including emnify—to automate workflows.

With the available integrations, you can automate device provisioning between emnify and your application. For example, you can send a configuration SMS to set the proper APN when the device connects for the first time. Other use cases are scheduled or application-triggered SIM activations/deactivations so that the SIM contract starts and ends with the device subscription of your customers.

The following events are available as triggers:

  • All events in the Data Streamer
  • Device enabled (SIM activated)
  • Device disabled (SIM deactivated)
  • Usage Limit Reached

The following actions are available:

  • Send SMS to device
  • Create a device (SIM configuration)
  • Enable a device (SIM activation)
  • Block current network (add the last tried network to the blocklist)
  • Reconfigure a device
  • Disable a device

Using the Zapier webhook, you can also use triggers from:


Browse the available workflows in the emnify Portal by navigating to the No-Code Workflows section of the Integrations page.