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To view your billing details, navigate to the Workspace settings, then click Billing. There, you find the following:

Payment information

  • Payment Type (for example, Postpaid)
  • Billing (for example, Monthly, during the first week of every month)
  • Pay with (for example, Visa •••• •••• •••• 1234 Change)
  • VAT (for example, Add VAT Number)
  • VAT rate (for example, 19%)
  • Currency (for example, € EUR)

Monthly cost details

This section has a Month dropdown that defaults to Current month (preview).


Any changes are reflected in this table within a few hours.

The following is an example of the shown table and potential values:

Transit Gateway BreakoutBreakout ID: ••• (Transit Gateway)Monthly Payment(currency amount)
Data planPro EUREvery 21 days(currency amount)
Data allowance100 MB per device Included per activated SIMMonthly Payment(currency amount)••• SIMs(currency amount)
Data usage in "your coverage area"••• MB(currency amount)
Data costs for "your coverage area"••• GB includedPer MB(currency amount)••• MB(currency amount)
SMS UsageMobile SMS UsagePer SMS•• SMS(currency amount)

The preceding table also provides a Subtotal of all costs incurred, tax if applicable, and a Total cost in your currency for your billing period.


Data usage in "your coverage area" is what you selected from the Data Plan dropdown under Coverage Policies.

Data costs for "your coverage area" is what you selected in the list of regions under Coverage Policies.

Billing history

You can also view your billing history for these periods:

  • Last 3 months
  • Last 12 months
  • All billing history