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The Subscription page lets you view your package's details or learn about the other packages.

Data plan

The Your Data Plan section informs you about your current data plans.

Single data plan

If you only have one data plan, this section shows the following:

  • Data plan - Name of coverage area and, in case of an allowance, the size of the allowance
  • One of three possible data plan categories
    • Pay-per-use - Links to coverage policies
    • Pooled allowance - Size of the allowance and information on pooling
    • Fixed allowance - Size of the allowance
  • Price - Costs per device activated during the billing cycle (the hosting fee and the data allowance)
  • Additional usage, SMS MO, SMS MT - Additional costs described with links to coverage policies
  • Billing - Links to the Billing page

If you need a different data or coverage configuration, click Request change to send a request to the emnify sales team.

Multiple data plans

If you have multiple data plans, click View data plans to open a modal that lists all of your data plans with the information described in the proceeding Single data plan section.

Platform and services

In the Platform & Services section, you can find the following information:

  • Current package (Standard, Plus, or Pro)
  • Price
  • Contract (for example, No commitment period)
  • Additional features

If you want a different package, click Request change to send a request to the emnify sales team.

Choose a package

Go to Subscription to compare the differences in features, services, and pricing between the packages:

  • Standard
  • Plus (Select Contact Sales)
  • Pro (Select Contact Sales)

The Standard Package is included in the Trial plan.


You'll be taken to the Pricing page if you select New data plan. To finalize your payment plan, you must provide some estimates regarding your deployment plans, the geographical coverage you need, and your preferred price model.


In this section, your estimates of how many devices you plan to deploy and their average monthly data usage are used to assess the resource requirements of your deployment.

Active devices

Select the Monthly active devices you plan to have. The slider provides a range from 1 to 100,000+ devices.


If you want to specify an exact number of devices that the slider isn't providing, you can select the current number in the input field next to Active device and type in the desired value.

Average device data usage per month

Select a value between 0.25 MB and 2 GB using the slider.

Where will your devices operate?

If the default selection Global isn't your preference, select one of the available coverage areas. For example: Africa Extended, Americas, APAC, Europe Basic, Middle East, USA, etc.


Choose between Basic and Extended coverage.

Price model

Choose between Pay-per-Use and Pooled allowance.

Coverage map

The Coverage map is a global map that shows your coverage based on your selections.

Coverage list

The Coverage list provides the names and number of networks per country. Each country's listing can be expanded to reveal the network, coverage area, data rates, and SMS sending and receiving rates. You can search the list by country name or select By Coverage Area to see which countries and their respective networks belong to each coverage area.

Confirm your coverage profile

After you have reviewed your package selections, select Get started. You'll then be directed to the Confirm coverage profile page.

Coverage profiles

Select your Default Policy, referring to the Coverage map and Coverage list for the networks.

Your selection

Under Your selection, you'll see your coverage and the monthly active device price.

If everything looks correct, click Confirm & Proceed. You'll then be directed to the Data plan upgrade page.

Data plan upgrade

On the Data plan upgrade page, you'll have an opportunity to confirm the following:

  1. Organization details
  2. Contact information
  3. Payment details (choose an option)
    • Card
    • PayPal

When finished, verify that everything under Plan configuration is accurate. Then select Upgrade data plan.


Your new package will be charged immediately in the next billing cycle. You'll be charged the total package price regardless of when you upgrade, as emnify doesn't prorate.

Cancel your package

You can cancel your package monthly unless your contract specifies otherwise. To cancel your current package, contact the emnify support team.