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Send SMS via the emnify Portal

You can use the emnify Portal to send and receive SMS messages to and from your devices. Because SMS doesn't require a data connection, SMS is one of the ways you can configure the APN for GPS trackers and industrial routers.

Individual device

To send SMS to a single device, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your emnify account.
  2. Navigate to your Connected Devices and find the device you want to receive the SMS.
  3. Open the SMS console.
  4. Write your message text, configure the Source, and then click Send (paper plane icon).

The SMS history and input field at the bottom of the SMS console is similar to the layout and features found in most mobile messaging apps.

Multiple devices in bulk

Selecting several devices on the Portal and simultaneously sending SMS is also possible.

  1. Navigate to your Connected Devices.

  2. Search for the devices where you wish to block an operator and select the checkbox next to every relevant device.

  3. A new menu at the top of the page provides bulk operations. Select SMS.

This SMS interface doesn't show a history of messages. However, you receive a brief notification regarding the status of the SMS sent to the selected devices.