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Create a new coverage policy

  1. Log in to your emnify account.
  2. Navigate to the Coverage Policies section of Device Policies.
  3. Select New coverage policy.
  4. Replace New coverage policy with the name of your policy and add a Description. Then, choose a Data Plan and Data allowance from the available options.
  5. Finally, click Create.

By default, connectivity is disabled, and any devices assigned to this coverage policy are blocked from all networks. You need to enable at least one Coverage area for your devices to connect.

Changes save automatically.


Creating multiple coverage policies lets you differentiate between device types based on their coverage needs and the associated costs.

Delete a coverage policy

Click Delete next to Details to remove a coverage policy.

Next steps

Coverage policies only become useful after you start assigning devices to them. For instructions on how to do this in the emnify Portal, see Assign devices to a policy.