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Manage Workspace users

You can view and manage your Workspace users by navigating to Workspace settings > Users.


Only users with the Administrator role can see the list of Workspace users, invite new users, remove users, or modify roles.

Invite a new user

  1. Switch to the Workspace that you want to be the invited user's default.
  2. On Users, click Invite user.
  3. Provide the recipient's email address and select a User role.
  4. Review, then click Invite user.

The invited user must accept this invitation and create an account before you can invite them to additional Workspaces.

Add a user to a Workspace

  1. Verify that the user has already created an emnify account and accepted their first Workspace invitation.

    This is a mandatory step before you can add them to additional Workspaces because the first Workspace they join is their default and determines how they log in to the Portal. If they don't have an account yet, invite them first.

  2. On Users, find the user you want to add to the Workspace and click Edit.
  3. Select Add to Workspace.
  4. In the Workspace list, choose an option and click Confirm.

Delete a user from a Workspace

  1. On Users, find the user you want to remove from the Workspace and click Edit.
  2. Click More next to the Workspace name.
  3. Select Delete user.
  4. Review the information on the Remove user from selected Workspace modal, then select Yes, remove user.

Modify a user's role

The only user account attribute administrators can change is the User role.

  1. On Users, find the relevant user and click Edit.
  2. The User role is listed next to the Workspace name. Find the Workspace where the user's role should change and choose another option from this list.

Changes save automatically.